Quality Care with Superior Tools

At Woodcreek Family Dental, our goal is to make your entire dental experience comfortable from start to finish, and one way we can make that happen is by using advanced technology. Thanks to the instruments and techniques described below, your appointments will be less stressful and your results will look and feel better than ever! Read on to learn more about the comforts we provide.

Intraoral Camera

Thanks to our intraoral camera, you’ll be able to see what your dentist is talking about! This small, pen-sized camera fits easily into the mouth and captures highly-detailed images of the teeth and gums. Now, you will be able to see exactly what is going on inside your mouth.

Digital X-Rays

We use digital X-rays to help us find problems beneath the surface of the teeth and gums. These pictures are created in seconds, and they emit up to 80% LESS radiation than a traditional dental X-ray. Even better, the images can be instantly sent, stored, and displayed on a monitor for the doctor to discuss with you.

Digital Impression System

We use impressions in conjunction with a lot of different treatment, ranging from dental crowns to dentures to porcelain veneers. If you’ve ever had an impression taken with dental putty, it probably wasn’t your favorite experience! With our digital system, a small, handheld device will glide through your mouth while capturing dozens of unique images that will form a completely digital 3D model of your teeth, making the process much more comfortable!

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Do you or your child get a little nervous when it is time for a dental appointment? If so, we can help with nitrous oxide sedation. Through a small mask, you’ll breath in the “laughing gas” to feel warm, happy, and relaxed. Once the procedure is over, the nitrous wears off almost immediately with no lasting effects.